Drawing ink character with dynamic sensation - Zhang Yushan

Jungshan Jungshan (Rola Chang), a Taiwanese illustrator who is usually an employee of a technology company, combining Chinese ink paintings and PS tools to draw a picture of an oriental figure full of dynamic, full of power and drama Tension.
The illustration first developed in the early nineteenth century with the changes of newspapers and books. And its true golden age was first started in the United States in the s and s. At that time, the illustrations that were just separated from the art work were obviously painting colors, and the authors who engaged in illustrations were mostly professional painters, and later on Influenced by the abstract expressionist school, it shifted from image to abstraction. Until the 70 s, the illustration was back to the realistic style.
The earliest illustrations were in the form of a printmaking, with the introduction of Buddhist culture, and the ′′ disguise ′′ of the scriptures for the promotion of the teachings. At present, the earliest prints are recorded in historical materials, ′′ The Mantra of the Sutra of the Sutra of the Sutra ′′ published by Tang