Image by James Lee on Unsplash.

I hope you enjoyed Joy Martin’s unusual stories. The type of blog post we came up with—a shared story instead of an interview—gave me an idea for you to consider.
An interview is rather personal and encompassing. Maybe you feel as Val did, "I didn’t know what to talk about." It can be challenging to pinpoint highlights In your life that you also want to share. Or, you have your reasons for not interviewing.
Now you know you have more than one way to share with the Tai Chi Ohana.
Think about:
· A poem
· A recent trip
· A story about your sword
· The hardest thing about tai chi for you
· A favorite tai chi movie
Part of your identity is how you experience the world. Isolating one small piece to share can be less daunting than an interview. We can talk about it or you can type it up and send it in.

The sound of each tree creates the harmony of the forest.